How It Works

ECEM is a company forced straight line matrix. Each person who signs up and purchases a position in the matrix is given the "next in line" empty spot.

We work as a team to promote one single link to ensure that everyone earns here. With this being a company forced matrix, people will be placed in the next open spot regardless of sponsor.  However, they will still remain your referral.

Once you have purchased your position in the Pocket Change Level 1 matrix(.0002), you will receive advertising credits that you can use on our site. We have 21 Levels of matrices at the moment and each has an advertising package that you receive upon your purchase.  

The matrices on our site are all 1x2 straightline matrices. This means that as people sign up at the bottom, people are pushed to the top, like a ladder. 

The payments you receive from the matrices are deposited into your on-site wallet in your earnings balance. With these funds, you can either request a withdrawal, purchase more positions, purchase advertising packages, or transfer to another person. You can have up to 100 positions in each matrix. You can also purchase in any matrix at any time. There is no restriction on which level you need to buy first. 




On-Site Advertising

ECEM has many different advertising options for you. We have the standard on-site banner advertising. We have also incorporated a traffic exchange for your convenience. You can surf the ads to earn credits for advertising. This is also an option for you to advertise your websites here. So whether you want to purchase a matrix position, or you wish to remain a free member you can use the advertising we offer. 

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